6. 6. 2022
Nazaj Naprej

Urban-beekeeping exhibition at the Embassy of the RS Washington

On Wednesday, June 1st 2022, an (urban) beekeeping photography exhibition was opened at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington D.C. The event was dedicated to the importance of bees and other pollinators upon the occasion of the World Bee Day 2022 (this year it was dedicated primarily to young people).

The host of the exhibition and event was the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the USA, Mr. Tone Kajzer

The exhibition comprises of the photographic selection by Luka Dakskobler, who has been following urban beekeeping in Ljubljana for almost a year, and his article was published in the renowned National Geographic magazine. The author of the photographs, Luka Dakskobler, and the president of the Urban Beekeepers'  Association of Slovenia, Gorazd Trušnovec, addressed the audience via a video link.

Video address by Luka Dakskobler and Gorazd Trušnovec

Mr. Peter Einfalt, who resides and works in Washington and is also a beekeeper there (he works with Carniolan gray bee, of course ...), brought a demonstration hive with live bees to the Embassy and guided the audience through sweet honey tasting.

Mr. Peter Einfalt with a demonstration hive and bees
Here's the statement from the Embassy staff: "The Embassy was buzzing this week! With bees and students who came to learn from our resident apiarist. The honey flowed and they got a hands-on lesson in beekeeping.  Thank you to urban beekeeper Gorazd Trušnovec and photo journalist Luka Dakskobler, who joined us remotely from Ljubljana, and Peter Einfalt who brought in his colony and equipment to display and led the students in a honey tasting. This was also the capstone event for our partnership with Ms. Dabney’s class from Hardy Middle School here in Washington. Over the past nine months we have worked with these students as part of the Embassy Adoption Program through Washington Performing Arts and DC Public Schools. The Ambassador and his team here at the embassy has learned so much from these students, and we are confident they’ve taken away a little Slovenia in their hearts after our work together. Cheers to this new generation of global leaders!"  


We are delighted to to take part in such a beautiful event and contribute to raising awareness of the importance of pollinators for human food safety; by involving young people, we are also contributing to a greener future for all.

We would like to thank the friendly staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington D.C. for organizing the exhibition and the opening event!


Gorazd Trušnovec, Urban Beekeepers' Association of Slovenia

Photo: Embassy of the RS Washington